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Ingress - Context Path Based Routing

Step-01: Introduction

  • We are going to implement context path based routing using Ingress


Azure Kubernetes Service with Azure DevOps and Terraform

Step-02: Review k8s Application Manifests

  • 01-NginxApp1-Manifests
  • 02-NginxApp2-Manifests
  • 03-UserMgmtmWebApp-Manifests

Step-03: Review Ingress Service Manifests

  • 04-IngressService-Manifests

Step-04: Deploy and Verify

# Deploy Apps
kubectl apply -R -f kube-manifests/

# List Pods
kubectl get pods

# List Services
kubectl get svc

# List Ingress
kubectl get ingress

# Verify Ingress Controller Logs
kubectl get pods -n ingress-basic
kubectl logs -f <pod-name> -n ingress-basic

Step-05: Access Applications

# Access App1

# Access App2

# Access Usermgmt Web App
Username: admin101
Password: password101

Step-06: Clean-Up Applications

# Delete Apps
kubectl delete -f kube-manifests/

# Delete Azure Disk created for Usermgmt Web App
Go to All Services -> Azure Disks -> Delete disk

Ingress Annotation Reference

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