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Load Balancing workloads on EKS using AWS Application Load Balancer


  • We will be looking in to this topic very extensively in a step by step and module by module model.
  • The below will be the list of topics covered as part of AWS ALB Ingress Controller
S.No Topic Name
1. ALB Ingress Controller Installation
2. ALB Ingress Basics
3. ALB Ingress Context Path based Routing
4. ALB Ingress SSL
5. ALB Ingress SSL Redirect (HTTP to HTTPS)
6. ALB Ingress External DNS

Final Architecture

  • At the end of this ALB Ingress section we will implement the below listed Architecture


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  • Good to refer all the below for additional understanding.

ALB Pre-requisite Setup - References:

  • Examples:

AWS ALB Ingress Annotations Reference


eksctl getting started


External DNS


How ALB Ingress Controller Works?

AWS ALB Ingress Installation

AWS ALB Ingress Implementation Basics

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