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Docker Fundamentals

What is covered as part of Docker Fundamentals?

  1. Docker Introduction
  2. Docker Installation
  3. Flow-1: Pull from Docker Hub and Run Docker Image locally.
  4. Flow-2: Build new Docker Image and Run locally and Push to Docker Hub.
  5. Essential Docker Commands

Docker Images used

Application Name Docker Image Name
Nginx nginx
Customized Nginx stacksimplify/mynginx_image1
Simple SpringBoot HelloWorld stacksimplify / dockerintro-springboot-helloworld-rest-api

Docker Introduction

Docker Introduction

  • What problems we have with Traditional Infra?
  • Why do we need to use Docker?
  • What are advantages of using Docker?
  • For introduction slides refer the presentation slides

AWS EKS - Elastic Kubernetes Service - Masterclass


Docker Architecture

Understand Docker Architecture & Docker Terminology

  • What is Docker Daemon?
  • What is Docker Client?
  • What are Docker Images?
  • What are Docker Containers?
  • What is Docker Registry or Docker Hub?
  • Refer the presentation slides